Focus On Research and Equity

Welcome to FOR Equity, providing tools and resources to help make research evidence more relevant for action to reduce social and health inequalities

What are health inequalities?

Health inequalities are large, avoidable, and, therefore, unjust differences in the experience of health and illness. They are caused by systems of discrimination, powerlessness, and disadvantage that intersect across social class, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age, and disability. Research that integrates an intersectional equity lens can help reduce these inequalities. There is a short video on the relationship between intersectionality and health here.

FOR Equity resources are designed to help researchers integrate an intersectional equity lens into their studies

The FOR Equity Guidance Inventory

This is a searchable catalogue of tools and guides that support the development of more equity sensitive research. It includes resources focused on health equity in general as well as those with a specific focus on particular social categories and study designs.

The Health Inequalities Assessment Toolkit (HIAT)

This is a space for research teams to deliberate and reflect on: the equity dimensions of a topic they wish to study; how these can be integrated into the design, conduct and reporting of their research; and, how people with lived experience and policy/practice experts can contribute.

The FOR Equity Resources Library

This provides additional resources, including case studies of equity sensitive research linked to the HIAT.

The FOR Equity Thermometer & Screening Tool

This is a simple interactive tool that supports people to understand issues around equity and/or monitor progress in implementing an equity lens in research studies or organisations. It is presented as a thermometer and as a screening tool that can be used to identify concerns about equity or to measure impact of action to integrate equity.