The For Equity Guidance Inventory

This inventory is based on a systematic review of published resources such as tools or guides aiming to strengthen the equity focus of health research. Searches were conducted of key academic databases and grey literature published in English and topic experts were also consulted. The Inventory contains guidance and tools with a generic focus on health equity research, including study designs and methods (e.g. systematic reviews, randomised control trials). It will be regularly updated.

How to use the inventory

Each entry in the Inventory is summarised outlining its intended use in the research process, its theoretical orientation and evidence of public involvement and application in other research. Summaries also contain useful links to relevant project websites and publications. You can simply filter through the inventory to identify guides or tools focused on a particular social category or use the search function to conduct free text searches. The included guides/tools can be used to complement the HIAT or on their own.

Developing the Inventory: send us your suggestions!

We would like to expand the inventory and keep it up to date with new guides and tools. We welcome suggestions for new resources using the ‘Contact Us’ form.