HIAT Resources

Short case studies that illustrate how researchers have sought to integrate an equity focus into their research

Case studies grouped by HIAT section

The short case studies included here are grouped according to four of the HIAT’s five sections. They cover different types of studies and illustrate how researchers have tried to integrate an equity lens at different points in the research process. Where they are relevant to more than one HIAT section they are repeated.

1. Mapping health inequalities relevant to your research

is the foundation for integrating an equity lens throughout your study

2. Integrating an intersectional equity lens into research questions

helps ensure health inequalities are central to study design

3. Designing and conducting research sensitive to inequalities

requires attention to what data to use, how to obtain and analyse it, and how the findings are interpreted

4. Prioritising findings relevant to action on inequalities in reporting and dissemination

will maximise the positive impact of research